Online Admissions Open

Online admissions are currently open for preschool to 10th standard.

Chairman | Principal - Satish Pardeshi

Saraswati Happy Children Primary and Secondary School journey towards education excellence began in 2008 with an ideal mix of academic and corporate professionals who felt the shared need to provide inclusive education.
An institution built on the dream to honour young people by giving them an environment to grow intellectually, artistically, athletically and morally.




Admissions are Currently Open for Preschool to 10th standard for 2020-21 Academic Year.

Best School in Dighi Pune: SHCEM School

SHCEM School is one of the leading schools known for quality education and all-round development of young minds. SHCEM School in Dighi Pune educates children about the world around them and introducing them to a universe full of opportunities and possibilities.

SHCEM School in Dighi Pune believes the principle of “Education is the Best Friend” where everything becomes super easy when things are connected with friends. It automatically builds ethics, discipline, responsibilities, and leadership skills for our children and teachers.

Our English Medium School in Pimpri Chinchwad is an educational school having a large campus, well-planned infrastructure, digital and modern classroom, with all-round development of mental, physical health introducing various sports, experienced staff makes SHCEM School a perfect choice.

Why Choose Top School in Dighi?

At SHCEM School in Dighi, students are empowered to experience the ideal start of their education with independent thinking and different play methods which help the children to reach the top of the world. We as an English Medium School in Dighi Pune take pleasure to bring the attention of each child’s talent regarding academics, sports, arts, cultural activities, and value-based educational scenario that helps productive and positive role in society.

With highly qualified, experienced, passionate academics and administrative team at SHCEM School is glad to involve making the better future of our children nationally and internationally. Our School in Dighi Pune aim to create a happy, secure, and caring learning environment where our children are valued equally, encourage to participates in all activities, and relate to each other.

SHCEM School is State Board and CBSE Pattern School in Dighi Pune

Saraswati Happy Children English Medium School in Dighi Pune is based on the State Board and CBSE (pattern) offering an exciting and extensive learning environment with full-day sessions including sports ensures progress and continuity at different steps of learning in the school with proper evaluation and performance reviews of children. SHCEM School is the best State Board and CBSE  (pattern) School in Dighi Pune providing special quality education.

We cover all the academic subjects that are integrated into the mainstream curriculum program where students can expect to know all topics in more detail. SHCEM English Medium School in Pimpri Chinchwad is one of the most significant factors in our successful journey is due to extra co-curricular activities, academics, and sports, social responsibility, and all other activities.

Features, Principles and Values of Best School in PCMC

We believe in providing an education that allows children to experience the best learning. Our Educational goal for English Medium School in Pimpri Chinchwad includes:

  • Happy Environment
  • Active Learning
  • Creative Lessons
  • Amazing Playground
  • Bus Facility i.e. Transportation
  • Qualified Teachers
  • Affordable Quality Education
  • Full-Day Sessions

More about SHCEM – School in Dighi Pune

Our English Medium School in PCMC started its mission several years back. The school aims at full development of the Childs capabilities to ensure integrated development of personality and creativity. We believe creativity is inventing and experimenting, growing and learning, taking risks and breaking rules by making mistakes, and having fun with emotional and physical development.

We are a CBSE (pattern) and State Board English Medium School in Pimpri Chinchwad believe in affordable quality education which is renowned for spreading quality education where money-making was never a motive. As a best School in Dighi, we follow the practical approach that teaches children to think logically, critically and creatively at different levels of platform. If you search for best schools near Dighi Pune, you will find SHCEM is the top school.

FAQs - About School in Dighi:

Do English medium schools in PCMC offer smart classes?

Yes, our english medium school in Dighi Pune holds smart classes.

Do English medium school in Dighi Pune have playgrounds?

Yes, there is a playground in SHCEM School in Dighi, Pune.

Which curriculum is more suitable for my child?

It depends on the child’s aptitude, career path, etc. For more details, contact us.

How does school take care of students who are weak in study?

Students are asked to stay after school to provide them extra support. whenever required. Parents are informed regularly regarding the homework and progress of students.